Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sage's First Golf Lesson

After Darren showed Sage how to properly hold the golf club sage replied,
 "But I do it this way!"
With that start, I was a little nervous about the rest of the lesson.  Sage proved me wrong. 
 He did great!
And he LOVED it!

Now its Daddy's turn

My Adorable Texans Fans

Before and after the chocolate bride

We love our Texans

Sunday, September 8, 2013

Even Belle gets nervous at the Dentist

Great check up Sage and intro to the dentist for Avery!
Of course they were in costume! :)
My transformer...

A little nervous in "the Chair"

Not so sure about this...

Thank goodness for Doctor Sage!
Avery would not open her mouth for me or the Hygienist.
I told Sage to ask her to open her mouth. 
 He said "Ok, but I need to sit on the Doctor stool." HA!


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Back to School Bash!

A fun Back to School Bash at Houston Oaks
 before Brian, Suzanne, Desmond and Charlie head back to California 
Headed to the Party with their cousins!
Desmond, Sophie, Sage, Reese, and Avery
Fun Games

The rock wall!


All by himself this time


Sage wants to be just like his cousin Carson!

Feeding the new baby goats Monday morning

and some golf for Sage of course


Boy or Girl?!

We had a gender reveal last weekend for my sister Carly and Jason AND for my brother, Brian and Suzanne.  We couldn't wait to find out what the next two babies in the family were going to be! Carly and Jason didn't even know what they were going to have until the big reveal.  

First some pictures of my very own boy and girl!  No more announcing from our family.  We feel complete with these two!  I just couldn't pick my favorite picture...


just for a moment.  That hug looks a little rough sage.

All 7 Grandchildren (2 in still in their bellies!!!)

The Watsons


The Maderers!
Carly and Jason waited until this moment to find out boy or girl along with all of us!
 We sprayed them with silly string (out of an all silver bottle) to find out what they were having.  PINK silly sting sprayed EVERYWHERE!

Its Pink AND blue for the next two!

 So, the guests did not get it right...
most people thought the Maderers were having a boy
And they thought the Watsons were going to have a girl.

Time to clean up this mess...