Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Sage's First Golf Lesson

After Darren showed Sage how to properly hold the golf club sage replied,
 "But I do it this way!"
With that start, I was a little nervous about the rest of the lesson.  Sage proved me wrong. 
 He did great!
And he LOVED it!

Now its Daddy's turn


  1. Haha! Sage insisting how to hold his own club must have been very adorable. :) I understand why you were worried about the rest of his lesson, but then again, he knows how that club feels in his hands. And it obviously worked for him. Has he been on any more lessons since? -Cindy @ Savannah Golf School

  2. This was just the start, and I know that if Sage continues to keep playing golf, he will become great in this sport. It’s a great recreational activity. If you’re looking for something fun and interesting to do, you must really try this one!
    Damaris Boylan @ Faulkwood Shores Golf Club,

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